Hatsumi Sega render
Name Hatsumi Sega (Segami)
Gender Female
Title Maker/God
Team SeHa Girls
First Appearance Superdimension Neptune Vs. Sega Hard Girls
Special Skills Imitation
Voiced by (English) Cassandra Lee Morris
Voiced by (Japanese) Emi Nitta

Hatsumi Sega (瀬賀初美 Hatsumi Sega) or nicknamed "Segami" is one of the protagonists in the crossover game Superdimension Neptune Vs. Sega Hard Girls. She is a mysterious girl that fell from the sky and suffers from amnesia.


Like any other Neptunia character, Segami is designed by series artist, Tsunako, who is known as the artist for Date-A-Live. Segami is a fair-skinned girl with big blue eyes and long, sky blue hair worn in a high ponytail with a shiny, pale gold bow. She wears a white tank-top lined in pale blue with straps around her stomach and a pale gold sphere on each hip. At the neck is a blue section with a pale blue and white zipper below the neck. The skirt resembles a folded pleat of blue and white, with a pale blue shiny material visible from the left corner. On each arm is a white sleeve with a blue flap below each shoulder and a pale blue piece at the hand. On her right wrist are two gold bracelets that are similar to the gold rings in Sonic the Hedgehog series. Her sneakers are red, white, and pale gold, much like Sonic's iconic shoes, with white stockings that have a jagged blue design for the cuff.

Due to her ability to transform into Sega Saturn (SHG), Mega Drive, Game Gear and Dreamcast, Segami takes on their appearances exactly, but retains her own voice.


Segami is a very pushy girl who always rush ahead to do the objective she remembers, which is to stop the war between the Sega Hard Girls and the CPUs of every era, without any plan in mind. Despite her amnesia, she remembers and knows much of the Sega Hard Girls while struggles to remember the names of the CPUs. She is also a bit unstable emotionally and tends to cry at the sight of the Sega Hard Girls. She is also shown to have a bit of bias to the Sega Hard Girls and talks harshly to the CPUs, with the exception of Nepgear. She is described by Neptune and IF as "bitchy".

When her memory returned at the end of the game, she became soft-spoken and apologetic, only to return to her normal attitude when both IF and Neptune intentionally breaks the mood to anger her.



Superdimension Neptune vs. Sega Hard Girls 


  • Segami is classified as a Maker, which are characters in the Neptunia series that are designed and named directly after gaming companies or series that collaborated with the game. IF and Compa are the only exception to the direct naming rule as they're the first Makers and named in the style as regular characters.
    • Despite being made by Idea Factory/Compile Heart, Maker characters are given ownership to the company they represent or the company who owns the represented series. This means Segami is officially owned by Sega.
  • Near the end of the game, Segami is revealed to be a Goddess who created the Sega Hard Girls but was referred as God even though she is female. The difference of classification in the Japanese version was more apparent as she is referred as "Kami-sama" (Japanese for "God") as opposed to the Goddesses who are referred as "Megami(-sama)" (Japanese for "Goddess").
    • Segami is the only Maker in the entire series that is a goddess as opposed to being just humans being involved with the main characters.

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