The Foe Queen is the monstrous and malevolent leader of the Foe and the primary antagonist in Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future. As the game's main villain, she is the mastermind behind the Foe's plan for taking over Earth. At the start of the game, the Foe plan to wipe out all of Earth's inhabitants, primarily men and dolphins. However, a crystalline figure created by men and dolphins called the Guardian, prevented the Foe from carrying out their evil plan by projecting a sheild around the world, forcing the Foe to make repeated suicide impacts until they found a weak spot. Years later, a small Foe ship crashed into what was the Guardian's weak point. The suicide impact caused the Guardian itself to shatter into pieces and the sheild it projected around Earth was disabled. With the world unprotected from incoming Foe vessels, the Foe slowly began their descent towards Earth. However, a young dolphin named Ecco traveled to the dolphin city of Atlantis and repaired the Guardian, but was too late to stop the Foe from reaching Earth. After reaching Earth, a Foe ship began using a vortex to abduct Earth's inhabitants, but Ecco quickly used the power of metamorphosis to transform into a winged, bat-like Foe and destroyed the ship. After the destruction of the ship, a bigger Foe vessel appeared and used another vortex to rob the dolphins of their five traits: Intelligence, Ambition, Compassion, Wisdom, and Humility. Ecco, who was now a dolphin again, quickly dashed into the vortex after the traits. With the five traits missing, the Foe altered Earth's history into a nightmarish world where dolphins were weak and gullible and mankind had been extinct for unknown reasons. When Ecco found and reunited Intelligence and Ambition, time altered again into another nightmarish world where dolphins became aggresive creatures that forced mankind from the seas, never to return. These dolphins then organized themselves into a warlike clan while the remaining peaceful dolphins became outcasts. After Ecco fought and defeated the Exalted Ones, who were the leaders of the Clan and retrieved Compassion and Wisdom, time altered a third time into a dark world where the Foe had control over the world as their domain and the Foe Queen herself became the guardian of the fifth and final trait: Humility. Once there, Ecco finally confronted the Foe Queen. The Foe Queen knew exactly why the heroic young dolphin was there and proceeded to kill him, but Ecco fought her and blinded her and destroyed the Foe hatchery. Ecco then entered the Foe Queen's body through a wound in her chest and used his sonar power to destroy the Foe Queen's heart, instantly defeating her. The Foe Queen gave a roar of frustration and Ecco snatched Humility and escaped to the restored present, taking Humility with him as the Foe Queen was destroyed forever.

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