The Foe are a violent alien race that appear in Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future. At the start of the game, the Foe attempt to wipe out all the species on Earth as a stepping stone to their plans for world domination. However, a crystalline figure created by men and dolphins known as the Guardian prevented the evil race from doing so, forcing them to make repeated suicide crashes until they found a weak spot.Years later, a small Foe ship crashed into what was the Guardian's weak spot, which disabled the sheild it projected around the Earth and shattered the Guardian itself to pieces which were then scattered all over the Earth's oceans. Afterwards, the Foe slowly began their descent to Earth. However, a young dolphin named Ecco rebuilt the Guardian, but he was too late to stop the Foe from reaching Earth. Shortly after reaching Earth, a Foe ship began to abduct life from the sea via vortex, but Ecco used the power of metamorphosis to transform into a winged Foe and destroyed the ship. After the ship's destruction, a bigger Foe ship summoned another vortex and robbed the dolphins of their five traits: Intelligence, Ambition, Compassion, Wisdom, and Humility. Ecco, who was now a dolphin again, vanished into the vortex after the five traits. With the five dolphin traits gone, the Foe altered Earth's history by changing the world into a nightmarish world where dolphins were weak and powerless and men had been extinct for unknown reasons. When Ecco retrieved two of the missing traits, Intelligence and Ambition, time altered into another nightmarish world where dolphins became an aggresive species that banished men from the seas, never to return, and organized themselves into a warlike clan while the remaining peaceful dolphins became outcasts. After Ecco defeated the clan's leaders and recovered Compassion and Wisdom, time altered one last time where the Foe now ruled the world and the Foe Queen became guardian of the final dolphin trait: Humility. After entering the dark Foe world, Ecco destroyed the Foe hatchery, defeated the Foe Queen, escaped with Humility, and returned to the present. With the Foe Queen vanquished once and for all, Earth had returned to peace and the Foe's evil plans had been ultimetly put to rest.

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