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Knack 4

A character in the Sonic the Hedgehog Games. First appeared in Sonic Triple Trouble.Nack the Weasel is both a dangerous and clumsy bounty hunter. Though willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done, he often messes up. He has come across Sonic the Hedgehog and the other Freedom Fighters many times, and even has a grudge against Princess Sally Acorn after a failed attempt to keep her hostage. He also has a sister named Nic, and although they don't exactly get along, they have worked with each other in the past. He has been known to take jobs from multiple clients, including Mammoth Mogul and even Robotnik.

[1] He has made several appearences in the ARCHIE COMICS.

In a fan made Sonic seiries known as the SEGA CHANNEL Fang joins the good side as a FREEDOM FIGHTER

In the SEGA CHANNEL'S SUPER SONIC SPECIAL:At war with Robotnik, Fang is married to Mina Mongoose and they have a child named Templeton. It is later revealed that Fang was making love to Rouge the bat and turns against the freedom fighters because of his love for treasure and stealing and is eventually shot by Sonic accidently when one of Fang guns falls from a shelf in the final battle with Fang, Sonic catches it and it goes off Fang is killed but admits that he loves Mina and is Sonic's friend before he dies

R.I.P Fang/Nack... On a side note Sega released a contest for a forgotten charachter they should bring back... FANG WON! So who knows maybe one day that rascly weasel that all Sonic fans love so much will one day return!

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