Emergency Call Ambulance
Emergency Call Ambulance
is a Sega arcade game that focuses on driving an ambulance bringing injured people to the hospital.

Plot Edit

There has been accidents with lot's of injuries all over the big city and you must quickly bring those inured people to the hospital before time runs out.

Levels Edit

  • Traffic Accident - A father was driving his son, daughter and dog when suddenly a truck loses control and falls over and the father's car hits it, causing it to flip over the truck and crash upside down. It's up to you now to bring the son who was badly hurt in the accident to the hospital as fast as you can.
  • Street Battle - While chasing after a bunch of criminals in a parking lot, one of the police officers gets hurt from a rocket gun that one of the criminals shoots at them. The officer gets injured badly and must be taken to the hospital quickly as possible.
  • Fire - There has been a fire in a big building and a pregnant woman has been badly smoked up. She must be taken to the hospital and fast.
  • Plane Crash - A jumbo jet gets struck by lightning with the President on board and crash lands into Lake Michigan and he gets injured in the crash. The President must be taken to the hospital right away to have his life saved.

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