E-102 Gamma is video game character in the Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise and one of Dr. Eggman's powerful E-series robots. He made his first appearence in the game Sonic Adventure.

History Edit

E-102 Gamma, or technically E-102γ, is one of the E-100 series robots created by Dr. Eggman. In Sonic Adventure, he is given the mission to collect Chaos Emeralds for Chaos after defeating his "Older brother", E-101 Beta. After witnessing the fate of Beta, Gamma slowly develops a conscience unique to the other E Series, releasing Amy Rose in remorse. After some convincing from his new friend, Gamma decides to turn against Eggman, to "rescue" the other E-Series robots by defeating them and releasing the small animals used to power them. He eventually battles and defeats an upgraded Beta, which leaves Gamma mortally wounded. They both end up destroyed, which releases two related Flickies that join with the other Flicky under the care of Amy Rose. He reappears as a playable character in Sonic Shuffle after being "revived with the power of dreams".

Later, Gamma was re-built and re-modeled into E-102 Chaos Gamma and appears as a playable character in Sonic Battle. He is powered by a shard of a Chaos Emerald, and battles Emerl several times in order to become stronger, but he eventually forms a bond with Emerl. E-102 Gamma is voiced by George Nakata in Japanese media, Steve Broadie in the English version of Sonic Adventure, Deem Bristow in the English version of Sonic Shuffle, Jon St. John in the English version of Sonic Battle, and Andrew Rannells in the English version of Sonic X.

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