The Dark Menon Force (also called Menons) is an evil army of the inhabitants of planet Menon. These villains are bent on taking over the entire Fantasy Zone.
1 Boranda

A Menon monster.


The Menons are evil dangerous monsters that may seem innocent and cute on the outside, but are ugly on the inside.

Fantasy ZoneEdit

In Fantasy Zone, the Dark Menon Force steals money from planets in order to construct a fortress in the Fantasy Zone. Unfortunately, Opa-Opa stops their plans and destroys the invaders. In the ending, it's revealed that O-papa, Opa-Opa's father, is the leader of the Menons.

Fantasy Zone II: The Tears Of Opa-OpaEdit

In Fantasy Zone II, the Menons return to invade the Fantasy Zone and are once again stopped by Opa-Opa. As the ending reveals, the true mastermind behind these creatures is none other than Opa-Opa's dark side.


  • In Segagaga, some Menons appear as attack waves for the last boss.

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