• MyOrangeTails

    Discord Server

    August 16, 2017 by MyOrangeTails

    So i made an official discord account to replace the ancient chat system here is an invite link

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  • Mystic Monkey

    Am I the only one around here? This wiki doesn't seem as active as I thought it would be.

    And I knew it wouldn't be that active given the year old, untouched threads on the forums. Was hoping for more oppinions on my latest thread here before I post another one.

    So, anyone around here? (I didn't even get an automated welcoming message on my Message Wall, it's that concerning.)

    For proper introductions I am Mystic Monkey. An admin from Sonic News Network. I came here to show some love to Sega who became quite the underdogs since Dreamcast was finished and wanted to share thoughts and see how it goes around here.

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Hey there Sonic Wikians, we have an exciting giveaway for you great members of the community! We have several free tickets to give away to Sega's Sonic Boom 2014!

    Sonic Boom is an exciting fan-centered event that features appearances by all of the major voice actors of the new Sonic Boom animated show, live performances by Sonic musicians Jun Senoue, Tomoya Ohtani, Ted Poley, and Tony Harnell, and an appearance by producer and lead Sonic designer Takashi Iizuka! There will be playable demos for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (WiiU) and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal (Nintendo 3DS), and a bunch of giveaways.

    SEGA America’s official Sonic Boom 2014 will be held at Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom in New York City on October 4th from 5 PM to 10 PM.


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  • Dream Era





              Well guys, Happy 2014 to every one of you! And I figured, what’s a better way to start our reboot than to review Sonic the Hedgehog! So nearly 23 years after this game has been released (D*mn I feel so old), is it still a good game to be had? Well, let’s get down and dirty with the one that started it all.




    Ah, Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s been quite a long time since the Blue Blur debuted on the SEGA Genesis, so let’s hop into that time machine of ours, shall we? It’s the year 1991, and the console war was in full swing. The SNES and Genesis were dead locked in battle, neither above each other. SEGA needed a mascot to compete the already dominant Super Mario Bros. franchise. Designs we…

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  • Jaejae98

    nintendo wiki's dumb

    August 5, 2012 by Jaejae98

    hi im jaejae98 im new here. the other day i was online at the nintendo wiki and there was a blog post that said nintendo vs sega. now i didnt expect people to say sega because it was a nintendo wiki but they said was kind of stupid. the people there put that sega has only one series, sonic and that nintendo was more suppior cause they have more running series. WHO CARES. I said sega was better cause they have pretty fun games too. it doesnt matter if the series only had one or two games it matters if they are fun. now i know im a newbie and you guys are probally not gonna go with my next idea, but i think that someday we here at sega wiki (and other game companies wikis should go to nintendo wiki and tell them that nintendo isnt the only c…

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  • Pdove

    Tails Charathers

    May 19, 2012 by Pdove

    Tails Charathers Enjoy ;) Wacting Tails The Fox

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  • The Mighty Q

    SEGA Wiki Updates...

    November 23, 2011 by The Mighty Q

    Hello, everyone it apears that this wiki will be reciving New Updates on the homepage, background + pages/images!

    • The Homepage will be reciving new updates soon.

    • SEGA Wiki, will also bw reciving a cool Background that repesents all the SEGA Products.

    • The pages that have images will be moved to PAGENAME/Gallery, we do not want to spam the pages that have the info on it.

    • SEGA Wiki will have an new Wordmark soon!

    • There will be other updates soon!

    'NOTE: All these updates will be made by me, if you think 'you can create 5 out of 3 of these things please contact ME!

    -Thanks for reading, The Mighty Q (talk)

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  • SEGA of America, Inc.
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  • Ausir

    Since yesterday, June 16, the SEGA Pass system has been offline, due to an attack by hackers. According to an e-mail sent by SEGA to users (including myself), some e-mail addresses, dates of birth and encrypted passwords were obtained by hackers. Fortunately, none of the passwords were stored in plain text, but it is still best to change your passwords on other sites if they happen to be the same as the SEGA one. No payment information was also stolen, as SEGA uses external payment providers. From the SEGA e-mail:

    Additionally we recommend you please take extra caution if you should receive suspicious emails that ask for personal or sensitive information.
    Therefore please do not attempt to login to SEGA Pass at present, we will communicate w…
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