Anti amy rose



STH #194

Anit Amy (Rosy the Rascal) Edit

Anti-Amy, aka "Rosy", currently inhabits the dilapidated Castle Acorn on Mobius. Apart from Scourge, she is the most visually distinct from her Prime counterpart, possessing her original model design from Sonic the Hedgehog CD and her original Archie appearance, only with different colored shoes. Like Amy, she has an over-sized hammer, but it has spiked ends and more closely resembles a medieval war hammer. She seems to have all of Amy's negative traits, only magnified. As with her Prime Zone counterpart, she constantly pursues Scourge, though for the purpose of attacking him, but he always ignores her or brushes her off as a minor threat. She used a magic ring to age herself in hopes of gaining Scourge's attention, but the side-effects of the transformation drove her to insanity. She speaks in a strange sing song voice and seems to wildly veer from a dreamy, disconnected kind of mania to full on psychopathic rage.

She bears a marked similarity in personality to Reboot villainess Hexadecimal (Both inhabit abandoned ruins, both suffer violent mood swings and violent rages, both obssesed to a frightening degree with someone who is the most famous individual on their own world)

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