Altered Beast
Developer(s) SEGA
Publisher(s) SEGA
Release date(s) JP January 27 2005
EU February 25 2005
Genre(s) Beat 'em up, Action-Adventure
Players Single-player
Rating(s) CERO: 18 (D)
PEGI: 12+
Input PlayStation®2 Controller
System PlayStation®2
Preceded By Altered Beast
Followed By n/a

Project Altered Beast, simply known as Altered Beast in Europe, Jūōki: Project Altered Beast (獣王記 Project Altered Beast) in Japan, is an 2005 video game developed and published by SEGA. It is an modern take on the 1988 arcade game of the same name. Involving in the gameplay wise, the main character can transform into differents kinds of beasts like in the original, but the story, characters and setting is complety different from the original. The game was released in Japanese and European markets, but the North-American release was cancelled due to the mixed reviews from the critics.

While the original was set on the Ancient Greece, this game is set to the modern times, unconnecting this game from the original.

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